Home Town: Rockville, IN
Clinical Interests: Hospital medicine, OB, procedures, diabetes
Personal Interests: Soccer, traveling, playing violin, spending time with family, and being outdoors
Why I Chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency: Everyone is really friendly. The program provides full spectrum family medicine learning opportunities. I wanted to stay in Indiana and even better is being able to give back to the community that first welcomed me to the USA.



Home Town: Evansville, IN
Clinical Interests: Traditional family medicine and sports medicine
Personal Interests: Spending time with my family, watching and playing sports (baseball, basketball, football), working out, traveling, cooking, and watching movies
Why I Chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency: The program is close to my hometown of Evansville, Indiana.



Home Town: Danville, IN
Clinical Interests: I am interested in full scope family medicine including outpatient medicine, inpatient medicine, emergency medicine, rural medicine, procedures, and research.
Personal Interests: I enjoy spending time with my wife and pets. We have two dogs, two cats, and are expecting our first child. My wife and I foster sick and homeless pets whenever possible. I am also a St. Louis Cardinals fan.
Why I Chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency: I chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency for many reasons. The program was very welcoming and the faculty and staff are remarkable and very friendly. The faculty, staff, and residents have excellent relationships and function as a family. Union Hospital is large enough to see a wide variety of pathology but is an unopposed residency program which allows for broader training. It provides the opportunity to learn practically any procedure you want. This is important to me as I plan to practice in a rural setting and want to receive a well-rounded training which is what this program provides. The program also takes care of its residents which allows us to be able to focus on our training and get the most out of residency. Residents at Union are running codes and performing procedures such as placing central lines from day one.



Home Town: Ft. Wayne, IN
Clinical Interests: I am interested in outpatient traditional family medicine, procedures, and preventative medicine
Personal Interests: I enjoy shopping, traveling, yoga, and spending time with my family.
Why I Chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency: On the day of my interview, the faculty and staff had a very welcoming attitude and I immediately felt comfortable being here. The residents made me feel included and definitely gave me a great sense of camaraderie. Union Hospital provides an unopposed residency program which allows residents to take advantage of limitless opportunities. The program has a perfect balance of a family-like environment while training residents to become well-rounded physicians. As an Indiana native, Terre Haute provides the small city atmosphere that I grew up in and I can see myself building a future here.



Home Town: Paris, IL
Clinical Interests: I am interested in full scope family practice including adults, children, obstetrics, gynecology, procedures, geriatrics, and everything in between! I have a special interest in women's procedures - IUD insertion, colposcopy, endometrial biopsy and similar women's procedures.
Personal Interests: I like spending time outdoors, especially with my German Shepherd. I also like to visit the local wineries and breweries of which there are several in the Terre Haute area.
Why I Chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency: Union feels like one big family. Everyone is so welcoming, kind, helpful, and encouraging. The residents support each other and also have tremendous support from the faculty and hospital staff. Union provides a safe learning environment where it's okay to be wrong and it's okay to not know the answer because that's how you learn and grow.



Home Town: Fishers, IN
Clinical Interests: My clinical interests include inpatient, outpatient, procedures, and sports medicine. I am keeping options broad and open so I can see what I love doing the most!
Personal Interests: I am a huge book nerd and soccer fanatic! I love Barcelona and Lionel Messi! I also love biking, hiking, playing video games, soccer, cricket, and almost anything outdoors. I also like reading fantasy and sci-fi novels and Brandon Sanderson is my favorite author.
Why I Chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency: I fell in love with Union Hospital during my pre-interview dinner with the residents. They are all very friendly and an awesome group. They seemed like they were part of a family and it really left an impression on me. My interview experience further solidified my love for this program with the warm reception I got from everyone. Union provides an excellent learning opportunity surrounded with a family who support you and I couldn't be more excited to spend my next three years here!




Home Town: Memphis, TN
Clinical Interests: Outpatient medicine, sports medicine, procedures, and preventive medicine
Personal Interests: Golf, travel, hiking, and spending time with my wife and family
Why I Chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency: I chose Union because I saw how close-knit the residents and faculty were during my interview. I wanted an unopposed residency with strong clinical training. During my visit with the program, it was clear that UHFMR could provide everything I needed to become an exceptional primary care physician.


Deig Spencer DO

Home Town: Evansville, IN
Clinical Interests: I am interested in broad spectrum family medicine in a rural area. I am from Evansville, Indiana and I plan to return to the area to practice.
Personal Interests: I enjoy kayaking, cycling, and running. I like to hike at the local state parks on weekends and enjoy cooking in my free time.
Why I Chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency: I wanted to stay in Indiana and Union Hospital was best qualified to prepare me for the kind of practice I want in the future. I was also very impressed by the positive work environment of the residency and Union Hospital in general.


Nate Hall Phillip MD

Home Town: Madison, IN
Clinical Interests: Full spectrum family practice, procedures, and outpatient medicine
Personal Interests: Golf, history, book collecting, reading, traveling, and college football
Why I Chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency: I chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency because it is an unopposed program with a strong work community and sense of camaraderie among the residents. There is great exposure to procedures and strong faculty and staff.


Jones Jonathan MD

Home Town: Dyer, IN
Clinical Interests: I am interested in outpatient family practice medicine. I am also interested in minor clinic procedures and mental health. I enjoy the continuity of care that FM physicians can have in a clinical setting. Getting to know the patient is as important as the disease itself.
Personal Interests: I am a big sports fan. I especially like the Cubs, Bears, and Bulls. I enjoy spending time with my wife and traveling.
Why I Chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency: I chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency for many reasons, the most important of them being the environment. From the day of my interview, I could tell that friendship, teamwork, and family were important. Every member of the residency including nurses, residents, and attendings have a positive attitude. The environment is invigorating and makes coming to work easy and fun. The program is unopposed and we gain a great deal of knowledge from all the attendings and specialists. Everyone is willing to teach, no matter who it is.


Joshi Samir MD

Home Town: St. Louis Park, MN
Clinical Interests: I am particularly interested in sports medicine and plan on pursuing a primary care sports medicine fellowship.
Personal Interests: I have a passion for traveling around different parts of the country and world. My top 2 favorite places I've been to are the Boundary Waters Canoe area in Minnesota and Spain. I am also a huge sports fan. I enjoy playing and watching soccer and football. I am a big Minnesota Vikings and Wisconsin Badger fan.
Why I Chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency: I chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency because of the people here and the training experience I anticipated getting. The faculty, staff, and fellow residents all have such a great camaraderie and it is something I wanted to be a part of. I knew I would enjoy working, growing, and learning with these people over the next 3 years. I also appreciated that the program tailors your curriculum to your interests. I have been able to get a lot of sports medicine experience during my intern year because the faculty truly cares about resident interests/goals and they have the resources to make it happen.



Home Town: Peoria, IL
Clinical Interests: I am interested in pursuing hospitalist work in a rural area, possibly in combination with outpatient work. In addition, I enjoy learning to do colonoscopies and other procedures.
Personal Interests: I am passionate about my faith and enjoy the learning and fellowship which takes place during bible study. I also run a few miles outside everyday no matter the weather and will train for a long distance race if I have enough time. Other hobbies of mine include going to the movies, hiking, and collecting rare rocks.
Why I Chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency: This residency is a real gem! The diverse and interesting patient pathology will leave you confidently prepared for whatever path you may take after residency. It is a rural yet urban setting with a wide variety of experience opportunities. The supportive faculty and staff and down-to-earth residents make the learning experience even better!


Leubner Ashley MD

Home Town: Hornell, NY
Clinical Interests: Full scope family medicine -- everything from pediatrics to geriatrics with added interest in gynecology and procedures. I enjoy building relationships with my patients and gaining an understanding of their social background and support system which enables me to effectively manage their medical conditions.
Personal Interests: I enjoy spending my time off with my fur baby, Kooper. I adopted him from a rescue organization when his story captured my heart. I enjoy being outdoors, hiking, biking, hanging out at the pool, and traveling. I enjoy the water and I am PADI dive certified. We hike Turkey Run State Park regularly.
Why I Chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency: While learning more about all of the family medicine residency programs, I quickly became overwhelmed. Ultimately, I decided that a strong, unopposed program that could offer unlimited procedures and a group of colleagues that I wouldn't mind spending 80 hours a week with was a must! While interviewing at Union Hospital I was quite impressed with the great group of people I encountered -- from the awesome nurses to the faculty and residents. I could envision these people becoming an amazing work family. This is something I did not feel with other programs. There really was no other choice for me.


Wursta Stephen MD

Home Town: Ft. Pierce, FL
Clinical Interests: Full spectrum and procedural medicine with OB care. I also enjoy emergency and urgent care medicine. I am interested in point-of-care ultrasound, outpatient acute care, and diagnostic procedures.
Personal Interests: Fly fishing, food, cooking, traveling, gardening, and spending time with my wife and family.
Why I Chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency: No matter where a physician practices, the more comprehensive and diverse his or her training, the more adept he or she will be at managing complex medical and social situations that impact his or her patients. I chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency because the program allows me opportunities to train in a variety of clinical settings including various outpatient clinics, a robust obstetrics department with a dedicated OB-ED as well as a busy main ED, all while offering an enriching inpatient medicine experience to prepare me for a career in emergency or hospital medicine. This program is helping me to build the foundation of knowledge and skills required to be an excellent family practitioner.



Home Town: Fruit Heights, UT
Medical Interests: Comprehensive medicine, preventive care, and working with the underserved population
Personal Interests: Scuba diving, hiking, traveling, gardening, and reading
Future plans: Practicing community medicine, working in a hospital, urgent/emergent care. Dr. Copeland also plans to get a puppy!
Practice preference: Hospital Inpatient/Outpatient



Home Town: Frankenmuth, MI
Medical Interests: Full spectrum family medicine, pediatrics, and inpatient medicine
Personal Interests: Baseball - Detroit Tigers, football, hiking, camping, traveling, and spending time with family
Future plans: Primary care medicine
Practice preference: Open to any future practice possibilities



Home Town: Phoenix, AZ
Medical Interests: Diabetes, GI health, and diet
Personal Interests: Spending time with family, the study of ethics, theology, and Christian history
Future plans: Full spectrum family medicine including underserved populations
Practice preference: Inpatient and outpatient practice



Home Town: Linton, IN
Clinical Interests: Full scope family practice including inpatient and outpatient care of all age groups, obstetrics, women's health, office-based procedures, sports medicine, and service medicine
Personal Interests: I recently celebrated my one year wedding anniversary with my wife, Julia, and we welcomed our first child, a daughter named Hazel, at the end of March 2018. I also enjoy golf, tennis, cooking, traveling, watching sports, and spending time with friends and family.
Why I Chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency: I wanted a community-based unopposed residency. After searching the Midwest for such programs, I was impressed with the opportunities available at Union Hospital. Having gone to school at IUSM, I had the opportunity to work with many preceptors who were graduates of the program and I was consistently impressed by the broad knowledge bases and scopes of practice each of them had. I knew that Union could and would provide many opportunities for me to develop into the type of physician that I wanted to be and serve a community in many different ways. Since coming here, I have never regretted my decision and am grateful for the medical training that I have received.



Home Town: East Chicago, IN
Clinical Interests: Hospital medicine, rural medicine, diabetes, clinical trial research
Personal Interests: Sports including -- volleyball, softball, snowboarding, and horseback riding. Animal rescue work is also an important personal interest!
Why I Chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency: I felt like the program was directly in link with my goals for residency. Union appeared to have everything I was looking for and more. It sounds strange but it was a feeling I got just fit.



Home Town: East Hartford, CT
Clinical Interests:  I enjoy inpatient medicine, critical care medicine, and emergency medicine. I also enjoy doing inpatient procedures. I enjoy performing Point-of-Care Ultrasound and apply those skills in the emergency and inpatient setting. I have a strong interest in helping to promote bedside ultrasound techniques and interpretation to clinicians as another adjunct to our clinical knowledge.
Personal Interests: I enjoy everything from reading to gaming, hiking, cooking, and gardening. I stay active with boxing and Jiujitsu and like to watch some UFC (and shovel hot wings into my face) when I get the chance.
Why I Chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency: Union Hospital is a great learning environment with great people and staff. The program is very open to everyone's interests and actively helps to get the knowledge and experience in those areas they desire. In the end, we are one big wonderfully dysfunctional family and I wouldn't have it any other way.



Home Town: Columbus, IN
Clinical Interests:  I am interested in preventative medicine and community health and education. I am also passionate about broad-spectrum rural family medicine.
Personal Interests: Piano -- listening, playing & teaching; auto racing; family time; ice hockey; and serving the needs of my cats!
Why I Chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency: I chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency because I had worked with the residents while doing 3rd and 4th year rotations in medical school at Indiana University. I immediately felt the family connections the residents had here and the closeness they had with their faculty. I knew I wanted to be a part of that.


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