Adrian Carder MD

Home Town: Harrisonville, Missouri
Clinical Interests: Hospital medicine, sports medicine, procedures
Personal Interests: Football, basketball, baseball, track and field, swimming, fishing. I'm a big fan of the Kansas City Chiefs, Kansas City Royals, and the Miami Heat.
Why I Chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency: I chose Union Hospital because of the learning environment it provides as well as the people. As an unopposed program, there is a multitude of experiences and opportunities available. The faculty and staff are all very supportive and fully committed to helping us become excellent physicians.

Emily Fitzsimmons MD

Home Town: Schererville, Indiana
Clinical Interests: Women's health, obstetrics, community health
Personal Interests: I love spending time with friends and family, running, playing with my dog, cooking, and Lady Gaga.
Why I Chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency: I chose Union Hospital because not only was it close to home but it was an unopposed program that offered all the opportunities to train in areas of my clinical interests. I also loved how passionate the faculty was about teaching and future success of their residents.

Sean Hauser MD

Home Town: Brazil, Indiana
Clinical Interests: Outpatient family medicine, sports medicine, procedures
Personal Interests: I enjoy watching sports and reading fiction novels. I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends.
Why I Chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency: I chose Union Hospital because it is an excellent program filled with welcoming people. I could immediately tell the residents shared a close bond and I knew I would receive an excellent education. The program is also close to my homeown of Brazil, Indiana.

Meagan Nowlan MD

Home Town: Coffeen, Illinois
Clinical Interests: Rural medicine, sports medicine
Personal Interests: I love anything outdoors including running, hiking, and off road riding. In my down time, I enjoy reading, cooking, and baking. I also love playing and snuggling with my cat, Cass.
Why I Chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency: By working with multiple Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency graduates, I knew that Union not only prepared physicians but gave them the tools to succeed in residency and beyond. This, in addition to being unopposed and offering both rural and sports medicine tracks, really drew me to this program. Feeling at home during the interview was just icing on the cake.

Paul Ormston DO

Home Town: Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
Clinical Interests: Full spectrum care, procedures, emergency medicine
Personal Interests: Biking, cooking, working on cars and motocycles, dirt biking, and spearfishing.
Why I Chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency: Union Hospital trains family medicine residents to practice with a very wide scope. The opportunity to pursue training in procedures in an unopposed environment was also very appealing to me. I also rotated at Union as a medical student and felt that the faculty and staff I interacted with were second to none. I knew if I were fortunate enough to match at Union Hospital, I would receive excellent training from excellent physicians in a supportive environment with colleagues who felt like family.

Daniel Paeth MD

Home Town: Toledo, Oregon
Clinical Interests: Procedures, ER, women's health, rural medicine
Personal Interests: Movies, working out, off-roading, fishing, restaurants, and disc golf
Why I Chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency: I chose Union Hospital because of the faculty, history of the program, quality of the hospital, and resident satisfaction.

Dallas Wright MD

Home Town: Riverton, Illinois
Clinical Interests: Rural medicine
Personal Interests: Pickle ball, hiking, cooking, spending time with family and friends
Why I Chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency: During my interview, the program seemed like a big family. Everyone was welcoming and supportive. Additionally, the program brought me back to the midwest and closer to my family.


Home Town: Sugarland, TX
Clinical Interests: I'm very interested in continuity of care so outpatient clinical medicine is the rock of my interest. I also enjoy inpatient medicine and the different approach it requires compared to outpatient medicine. My goal is to be a family practice physician in a clinic and as a hospitalist.
Personal Interests: I enjoy playing guitar in my spare time. I'm also an avid sports fan and enjoy watching live games. When the opportunity arises, I enjoy playing trivia, pool, and darts.
Why I Chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency: This program is about as supportive as a residency program can possibly be. It provides unopposed training and its residents are offered many opportunities to expand the scope of their goals in terms of procedures and are exposed to a wide spectrum of pathology. When interviewing at Union Hospital, it was obvious to me that the faculty and staff believe in nurturing their residents to become the best physicians they could be. At that moment, I knew this was the place for me.



Home Town: Oceanside, CA
Clinical Interests: I am particularly passionate about pain medicine, procedures, practice management, teaching, and geriatrics.
Personal Interests: I love music in its many forms (I play the piano and harp), and reading a good book with a cup of tea. Per family tradition, I am a very enthusiastic Euchre and Boggle player. The rest of my time is spent watching classic cinema and television shows while cross-stitching.
Why I Chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency: As a Union Hospital volunteer during my undergraduate years at Rose Hulman, I grew a personal attachment to the hospital's beautiful campus and its ability to inspire. Once I met the residents and faculty during my interview, I was convinced that this program is truly a "hidden gem." Unopposed, this program has a wide variety of educational experiences to offer and tailor to each resident's interests. Most importantly, this program has a distinctly strong sense of family. This ideal learning environment challenges and emboldens residents to become competent, practical, and compassionate physician leaders.



Home Town: Linton, IN
Clinical Interests: Hospital Medicine, sports medicine, outpatient procedures, mental health
Personal Interests: Playing golf, pickup basketball, weight-training, fishing, kayaking, and anything outdoors. Rooting on the Colts & Dodgers too!
Why I Chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency: Everything I know about broad-spectrum family medicine, I learned here at Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency. I completed every medical school core rotation here because I saw first-hand how much hands-on experience the residents were getting and I wanted those opportunities too. I fell in love with the residents and faculty that really excelled at creating a challenging yet nurturing learning environment. I chose Union because I was confident I'd become a competent and well-rounded physician here with plenty of support along the way.



Home Town: Jefferson City, MO
Clinical Interests: Rural family medicine, underserved populations, women's health, and family medicine for all age groups
Personal Interests: I love playing and watching sports! I'm an avid St. Louis Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers fan. I love cooking and outdoor activities like camping and fishing. I also enjoy live music and stand up comedy shows.
Why I Chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency: I chose Union Hospital because of the people and the comfort I felt after my interview. I immediately knew it was a welcoming environment and the faculty made me feel right at home. Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency offers a one of a kind, unopposed program that provides a positive learning experience that will foster personal growth and allow me to become the family physician I aspire to be.



Home Town: Skokie, IL
Clinical Interests: I am interested in full spectrum primary care medicine for all ages, sports medicine, and outpatient medicine. Lastly, I would like to incorporate procedures in my clinical practice.
Personal Interests: Spending time with family and friends, watching and playing basketball, football and soccer, working out, and boxing
Why I Chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency: During my interview, I was introduced to so many genuinely kind people at the hospital and around town. The program attracted me due to its focus on the development of their residents and providing the best educational environment.


Alexander Weber MD

Home Town: Cleveland, OH
Clinical Interests: Rural medicine
Personal Interests: Cars, PC gaming, military history, and dachshunds
Why I Chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency: I was looking for a rural, unopposed program located in a wonderful community that I could see myself living in after residency was over.


Home Town: Sullivan, IN
Clinical Interests: Rural medicine, procedures, sports medicine
Personal Interests: Family, church, showing/raising cattle, woodworking/construction, sports, coaching cross country
Why I Chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency: Union provided me with the best opportunities to learn to practice medicine the way I envisioned myself practicing. I was raised in Sullivan, IN and was able to witness first-hand the exceptional well-rounded rural physicians this program has produced. This, along with the incredible faculty and support staff, made choosing Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency an easy choice.



Home Town: Karachi, Pakistan & Chicago, IL
Clinical Interests: Geriatrics
Personal Interests: Movies, tv-shows, and sports, especially cricket, soccer, and basketball.
Why I Chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency: I loved my interview here at Union Hospital. Everyone was very nice and the camaraderie between faculty and residents was amazing to see. I knew right away I wanted to be a part of this residency and I am grateful for it.



Home Town: Anderson, IN
Clinical Interests: Geriatrics, in-office procedures, women's health, and behavioral health
Personal Interests: Reading (particularly Harry Potter), movies (I love going to opening nights of big movies), interior decorating, and hanging out with my dog and cat.
Why I Chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency: I fell in love with the program when I did my first family medicine rotation here during my 3rd year of medical school. I loved how friendly everyone was and how dedicated to teaching faculty was, coupled with how much residents were able to do!



Home Town: Kalamazoo, MI
Clinical Interests: Rural medicine, primary care for all ages, community-level care, maternal-infant care and preventative medicine. I am interested in improving upon community-wide health disparities.
Personal Interests: I love to paint and draw and enjoy all things craft and creative. I also love spending time in my garden or hiking with my husband and our two dogs.
Why I Chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency: I chose Union Hospital because of the overwhelming sense of family and community I felt from day one. At Union, every member of the team is important and everyone has a voice. I am able to pursue all of my clinical interests here in a supportive, collaborative environment with the best co-residents and faculty!



Home Town: Ellicott City, MD
Clinical Interests: I am interested in full spectrum family medicine with a special interest in pediatrics, obstetrics, outpatient medicine, and community health.
Personal Interests: I love spending quality time with my family and friends. My Christian faith is very important to me and I love to volunteer with my church. I also like to do arts and crafts, swim, explore new cities, and be outdoors!
Why I Chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency: This program does an excellent job in personalizing each resident's learning experience, which was clear to me on my interview day. The faculty, staff, and residents are extremely down to earth and friendly, and the program is very organized. I knew this was a place where I would get a great education to become a well-rounded family medicine physician while enjoying the journey at the same time.



Home Town: Rockville, IN
Clinical Interests: Full spectrum rural medicine, OB/GYN, mental health, and addictions
Personal Interests: Exploring local parks, attending local festivals, cooking/baking, spending time with friends, family, and pets
Why I Chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency: I chose Union because it is close to my hometown of Rockville, IN. I also knew that this program would provide me with a strong education to work in a rural area.


VLahood resized

Home Town: Peoria, IL
Clinical Interests: I have clinical interests in behavioral health, addiction medicine, palliative care, and hospital medicine. After residency I see myself working as a hospitalist in a rural area or practicing comprehensive family medicine, which could include a combination of inpatient and outpatient medicine.
Personal Interests: In my free time I like running for fun and training for competitive long-distance races, especially through group runs. I also enjoy the fellowship found in young adult bible study groups and seek to grow in my faith. Other hobbies include hiking, traveling, going to the movies, streaming TV, playing with dogs, learning new things, and trying out new activities such as rock climbing, skiing, glass blowing, sky diving, etc. During free weekends, you may find me visiting my family in Peoria, IL.
Why I Chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency: I found the program to have many strong suits such as interesting patient pathology, passionate teaching faculty, unopposed residency, generous resident benefits, and community-based training. I had the advantage of being familiar with the program because my husband is also a family medicine resident at Union Hospital. Therefore, I got to witness the reliability of the faculty and staff and their dedication towards supporting the residents in their personal and professional endeavors. A strongly supportive program is important to me as it is the foundation for achieving resident well-being and all subsequent goals.



Home Town: Carmel, IN
Clinical Interests: Outpatient, sports medicine, procedures
Personal Interests: Cardio, weight lifting, movies, golf, and sleep is a must!
Why I Chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency: Union has the best of both worlds. On one hand, the residents and faculty are genuinely kind and accepting people who take an interest in ensuringyou have an enriching, challenging, and uniquely beneficial experience. In the same token, the program offers the opportunity to become certified and proficient in any number of majors or procedures.


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