There are multiple reasons UHFMR results in a great education -- from the supportive faculty to procedural opportunities. While always appropriately supervised, residents are given more autonomy than the average program to enhance their clinical accumen. We truly practice full-spectrum, underserved medicine with opportunities to expand on personal interests. All of this is made even more amazing by the incredible camaraderie between the residents.

I went to medical school with the intention of being a family practitioner and I decided to look up different programs around my hometown...I went all over the Midwest and I stumbled across Union Hospital here in Terre Haute. I had never heard of this place before but when I came here I was just entirely impressed.
If you look at this program compared to any others, it offers amazing experience as far as taking care of a wide variety of patients. I would urge you to come and check out this program.

Our program offers us the great opportunity to actively manage patients from day one of residency. We are taking care of patients on the floor, in the ICU, in labor and delivery, and running rapid responses and codes all as first year residents. Being the only residents in the hospital allows us ample opportunities to do procedures like central lines, circumcisions, lumbar punctures, and chest tubes. The attending physicians that we work with make sure we have plenty of opportunities to practice our skills. 

What really drew me to this program was the amount of responsibility the residents have in the hospital and the high exposure to procedures.  From day one as an intern on nights you and an upper level are the sole providers responsible for all rapid responses, code blues, and all in house emergent procedures including central lines and chest tubes.  The hospital staff and other local physicians have grown to have complete faith in our residents and their capabilities.

I was initially attracted to the Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program for two reasons. The first being that it is a single program, which means I got a lot of firsthand training and I didn't have to compete with other residents for procedures, experience, etc. The second being that it is a small, rural community; I wanted to be able to open a private rural community clinic where I can treat all ages, from infants to elderly, and never have to deny any patient. I gained a wealth of knowledge and experience from the program and look forward to an exciting career in medicine.

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